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Yamaha iconYamaha Corporation has a history of more than 100 years and has grown over the years to become the world's largest producer of a full range of musical instruments and among the leading audio/visual product manufacturers. Yamaha strives to be renowned for producing high-quality products and services from every point of view, from manufacturing, acoustics, design, technology & craft to customer service. These products and services are appreciated by professionals, institutions, business professionals in related industries, and customers.

Yamaha's AV products are technologically at the forefront, always with the latest features, distinctive design, great sound quality and absolutely "Value for Money". The product range includes a wide range of CD and BD players, surround receivers, amplifiers, stereo systems and, not least, speakers. SE MER icon
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Yamaha - Artist, Joe Banamassa

With Yamaha MusicCast you can stream music to all rooms in your home via Yamaha's multi-room solution. You can connect your stereo system, your soundbar and your wireless speakers and control it all from your app on your smartphone. In order for you to hear unique music in each room, you must of course have a Yamaha music player in each of those rooms.

You can save the appropriate type of music you want for a specific room in the app. If you have, for example, a playlist of relaxing music that you like to go to bed with, you can preset it for the player in the bedroom. We often see with other streaming speakers that they can only be used via Wi-Fi and through the app in question. However, devices in Yamaha's MusicCast system can easily be connected with Bluetooth from any device. This means that if you have guests and you want to play from your guests' smartphone, you just connect it with Bluetooth.

There are a multitude of options within Yamaha's MusicCast solutions. We have a large selection of small streaming speakers that can either work alone or in a system with others. In addition, we have sound bars with and without subwoofers that can be connected via Wi-Fi and the MusicCast system.

If you are looking for a subwoofer to complement your system, Yamaha has a wide range of subwoofers in different price ranges, but all of high quality . Yamaha's own technology, "Twisted Flare", where the ports in the subwoofer are turned slightly at the output, so that excess sound from wind gusts is reduced. This gives the subwoofer a more precise and clear sound, as the subwoofer has more control over the air around it.

If you want the ultimate wireless music experience, a wireless amplifier that supports Yamaha's MusicCast is the right choice for you. A wireless Yamaha amplifier - or a network surround receiver - works in cooperation with the rest of the home's wireless Yamaha devices, and together with a pair of wireless rear speakers you can create the ultimate soundscape in your own home, and you have the entire control center in your pocket .

With Yamaha you get all the sound you need

In addition to Yamaha making products where the sound quality is in a special class and the design is complete and elegant, their great strength is that they make many different products that can complement each other. Yamaha produces stereo systems, amplifiers, various record, CD and Blu-ray players, subwoofers, sound bars, radio tuners and much more.

If you are considering a new stereo or Hi-Fi system, Yamaha supplies a wide range of strong systems that meet all the requirements you can make for a stereo. The sound is razor sharp, and you can connect your devices to most models wirelessly. There is of course also the option of a CD player in the stereo systems, so you have ample opportunity to easily play your favorite music, regardless of whether you have it digitally or on CD.

As Yamaha is the world's leading manufacturer of musical instruments, you as a consumer can rightly expect that the sound quality in music playback is given high priority by Yamaha. Yamaha's stereo system comes with 'PianoCraft' technology that enhances the details of the music and gives you the experience of orchestrated playing in the middle of your home.

The present has, so to speak, been caught up a bit by the past, with more and more homes having record players standing by. Yamaha's own belt-driven turntable has, in addition to the ability to play your records, wireless connectivity so you can connect your mobile devices to it via Wi -Fi or Bluetooth. You can also integrate your record player into the MusicCast system in your home, so you can listen to your records no matter where in your home you are.

Yamaha also has a host of amplifiers, both integrated stereo amplifiers and pre and power amplifiers. The amplifiers come in all price ranges, and some have built-in streaming functions. If they don't have one, you can connect them to a music streamer and thus to your MusicCast system.

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